Markibar IZAGA KEY

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Its isolated grinding chamber, smart ventilation, innovative grinding point control system and its top quality materials, are designed for highly demanding coffee shops with a high coffee consumption.

  • Consistent and precise coffee dosing
  • Isolated & ventilate grinding chamber
  • Guaranteed grinding parameter stability
  • Designed for workflow and speed
  • Instant dose & on-demand working modes
  • 1.5Kg Bean hopper


The Markibar IZAGA KEY professional grinder guarantees precise grinding, high performance at peak times and no coffee going to waste, all with a modern, up-to-date design.

  • Consistent and precise coffee dosing
  • Designed for optimising workflow
  • Reliable and robust
  • Isolated grinding chamber
  • Guaranteed grinding parameter stability
  • High precision grinding point control
  • 1.5Kg Bean hopper
Two Working Modes. On Demand & Pre-Ground.
On Demand – Maximum freshness of freshly ground coffee. Coffee is ground when the 1 or 2 coffee portafilter requests it.
Pre-Ground – Maximum performance for rush hours. 1 or 2 coffee doses are available in the grinder doser. When the portafilter requests it, the dose is delivered instantly.
Quicker. More compact. Less waste.
Thanks to the built-in dispenser on the IZAGA automatic grinder, the filter receives the ground coffee in a compact dose which optimises preparation time and avoids waste.
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 640 x 180 x 352mm
  • Net Weight: 16kg
  • Connected Load: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • Power: 525 W
  • Grinding Burrs Speed: 1350rpm
  • Burrs: 64mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.5kg
  • Production Per Hour: 8kg/h
  • Grinder Capacity: 4g/s
  • Single Dose: 5-18g
  • Double Dose: 5-28g

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Weight 16 kg

12 Month Manufacturers

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